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Would you like to become a part of our fun, creative, diverse and growing e-commerce company headquartered in Malmö, Sweden?
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We have built the most advanced e-commerce platform in the Nordics. It has been possible with an international culture mixing of smart people and the right technology. By being close to the business units, we have been able to develop a unique combination of systems ranging from the web shop, content- and product management, warehouse management, customer service, financial services, apps and more. We also support our systems with machine learning technology and have an Innovation Lab to try new technologies and build cutting edge mobile applications. All these fantastic tech areas are used to build and run the biggest and best fashion business in the Nordics.

And we think you might fit right in here!  

Whether you are a hardcore coder, a white hat hacker, a front-end wizard, a security interested spy, a database master, a UX believer or a data intelligence guru, you might fit into the family with the rest of our smart people. 

We work in small dedicated cross functional teams, and we can basically design the best job for any career dream that is out there. Let us know what you are interested in, and we can take it from there.

Read more about our team here.


  • Front-end: our front-end developers are mainly working in React and with different templating engines. Collaboration with our e-commerce specialists and UX/UI designers is a key to the success in this role. 
  • Back-end: back-end programmers are maintaining the business logics and making sure that data flows efficiently between the systems. Efficient database management, financial data, and distributor integration are typical back-end responsibilities.
  • Full-stack: the full-stack developers are usually working with the systems with a user interface, such as content management or the customer service system. They like to work with all aspects of the code and take full responsibility of the tech projects.
  • DevOps: our DevOps team take care of automating the processes around our infrastructure and development. This includes scaling the servers, security matters, providing automation for the developers, deployment procedures, optimising and testing new tools

We need experts in all these fields. Both juniors and seniors. You do not have to match our current technology stack. It’s more important that you are technically curious, that you like to have responsibility for your work and results, and that you like to work constructively in teams very close to the business owners.


Why do we work in small cross functional groups? Well, it’s nice and efficient to work closely together to depend on each other and also constantly learn more. We put the team in direct relation to the business responsible. In combination with the team, they manage the road-map and the priorities. We don’t like top down control, so we give people full responsibility and flexibility to do what is right. We have learned that this works best and has the least overhead. We trust in our people. We depend on them!

We always manage a technology radar, so we stay updated and alert to new relevant technologies. Some of the inspiration come from conferences, meetups, our innovation lab, or own studies, and they always end up on our radar through our tech employees. We like curious nerds.


Our team is comprised of 90+ awesome developers in 5 locations with a non-hierarchical, dynamic and international setup. We have the responsibility for the best web shop and numerous business systems in one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the Nordics. 

We love to be in control of the technology we provide the company with. Our preference is to let the magic happen directly between the developers and the specialists running the business, which is why we don’t work with project managers.

Our diverse bunch of people love spending time together, be it at our annual conference or during after work sports activities. Our current longest plank holder says he had to stop at 3 min 40 sec because it was too boring to do it alone.

You can also learn to say ““works on my local” in many different languages:

EN: “Works on my local”

SE: “Fungerar på min dator”

PT: “Funciona localmente”

NO: “Fungerer på datamaskinen min”

DK: “Det virker på min computer”

IS: “Virkar á minni tölvu!”

IT: “Funziona in locale”


LV: “Darbojas lokalā vīde”

UKR: “Працює на моєму комп’ютері”

KOR: 내 컴퓨터에서 작동합니다.

RUS: Работает на моем компьютере

PL: “Działa na moim komputerze”

SER: “Ради на мом рачунару”



  • Great personal and internal career development
  • A culture that incorporates our values of trust, freedom and responsibility
  • Flexible work environment
  • Driven and passionate international colleagues
  • Yes, we really do speak English here, it is our corporate language
  • A generous employee discount
  • Barista coffee, veggies and fruits for all, and Friday socials
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Wellness allowance and sports activities 
  • Onsite masseuse and medical doctor
  • Competitive compensation and pension package  

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Why Boozt?

Besides guaranteeing that you will always be on top of the latest fashion trends, you will want to join us because of our:

  • Diversity

    Our innovative, fun and creative group represents 30+ nationalities, an average age of 31, and a 32/68 ratio of men/women. We are committed to recruiting the most qualified people independent of background or personal preferences. Starting your career with us means situating yourself in an international environment.

  • Evolving technology

    Top performing web applications are a major focus for Boozt. We constantly embrace new e-commerce technology and proudly develop these systems in-house. A career at Boozt guarantees learning new skills in e-commerce and cutting-edge technology.

  • Added perks

    We provide our employees the possibility to grow with us internally, and offer continuous training and development to equip our staff with the skills needed to be successful. Our work environment is flexible, we are a group of driven and passionate international colleagues, and our corporate language is English. We offer a generous employee discount, wellness allowance and sports activities, and we love celebrating milestones!

Our Values

  • TRUST! We trust our employees, which secures a positive environment supportive of personal and professional growth.

  • FREEDOM! We give our employees freedom, which creates a culture encouraging initiative and new ways of thinking.  

  • RESPONSIBILITY! With freedom comes responsibility, which gives our employees the drive to achieve the greatest results.  


Already working at Boozt?

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