Tailor-made technology...

...powered by our people

What we're all about

We are building the most advanced e-commerce platform in the Nordics. It has been possible with an international culture mixing of smart people and the right technology. By being close to the business units, we have been able to develop a unique combination of systems ranging from the web shop, content- and product management, warehouse management, customer service, financial services, apps and more. 

We also support our systems with machine learning technology and have an Innovation Lab to try new technologies and build cutting edge mobile applications. All these fantastic tech areas are used to build and run the biggest and best fashion business in the Nordics.

What you could end up doing

We need experts in all fields. Both juniors and seniors. You do not have to match our current technology stack. It’s more important that you are technically curious, that you like to have responsibility for your work and results, and that you like to work constructively in teams very close to the business owners.

  • Front-endas a front-end developer you mainly work in React and with different templating engines. Collaboration with our e-commerce specialists and UX/UI designers is a key to succeeding in this role. 
  • Back-end: as a back-end programmer you maintain the business logics and making sure that data flows efficiently between the systems. Efficient database management, financial data, and distributor integration are typical back-end responsibilities.
  • Full-stack: as a full-stack developer you usually work with the systems with a user interface, such as content management or the customer service system. You enjoy working with all aspects of the code and take full responsibility of the tech projects.
  • DevOps: as part of our DevOps team you take care of automating the processes around our infrastructure and development. This includes scaling the servers, security matters, providing automation for the developers, deployment procedures, optimising and testing new tools
  • Data scientist: as a data scientist you activate our large amounts of data through data analytics and machine learning. Typical tasks are classification based on images or text, forecasting of logistical needs, recommender systems and predictions. You collaborate with business departments and developers to ensure projects are integrated into the relevant systems and workflows.
  • App developer: as an app developer you are expanding and utilising new technology with our Android or iOS development. This includes developing new apps for internal or external use, and working on innovative projects to process optimise and prepare the company for future technology.

Our software and business systems are built in PHP, Symfony, MySQL, Varnish, Javascript, React, Redis, New Relic, RabbitMQ, Google Cloud and Phabricator. Generally, we prefer to develop technology in-house but we use best of the breed tools wherever it makes sense to optimise the efficiency.

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Our team

Our team is comprised of 90+ awesome developers in 5 locations with a non-hierarchical, dynamic and international setup. We work in small dedicated cross functional teams with low overhead, and can design the best job for any career dream that is out there.

We love to be in control of the technology we provide the company with. Our preference is to let the magic happen directly between the developers and the specialists running the business, which is why we don’t work with project managers.

Knowledge sharing is an important part of working with Boozt Platform. We regular organize events that bring, our otherwise decentralized teams, together. Be it at our annual tech conference, FIKA talks (swedish for socializing over coffee and cake), tech council or the highly anticipated annual hackathon.

10 commandments we live by:

  1. Involve the business - collaborate and communicate
  2. Keep things simple – build for the many
  3. Minimise first phase - avoid everlasting projects
  4. Power to the people – we make tools
  5. You have responsibility for your work - respect the feedback
  6. You have the right to make decisions
  7. Release (OR test) within three months
  8. Kill your darlings – be brave and fail fast
  9. Think innovative - you know best how to improve a process
  10. Quality before performance before deadlines before funkiness

Working with us

I'm challenged every day to keep growing and I enjoy the international culture. We are all good friends and always share experiences, professional and personal, with each other.

Dareen Naib IT support

What’s great about working in the platform team is that you get a lot of freedom and responsibility - both with how you do your work and how you structure your time. Everyone in the team is welcome with their own ideas and thoughts about the tools we are developing.

Niklas Jonsson Developer, Team Mordor

Our locations

The Boozt headquarters and the core of our tailor-made infrastructure. Here we work closely with key business functions to build and expand our platforms.
Home to our Boozt Innovation Lab. This is where we invest further in innovative technologies, processes and mobile focus.
The team specialises in machine learning technology, data science, and the development of Booztlet - our fastest growing business unit. 
Responsible for most of the systems and processes running the web shop and the product flow.
Focus is on working with our backend business systems, such as our tailor-made Finance System.
Ready for a new adventure working with us? If needed, Boozt will support you in the relocation process to one of our Nordic locations.

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